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Updated: Jan. 12, 2015
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To use our chat software above, you need to have Adobe Flash installed. However, most phones do not support Flash by default and cannot load our software.
Here's an easy solution to resolve this:
To get Hehechat working on your phone, download and use the Puffin Browser on it. Then you will be able to use Hehechat's chat room as if you were on a PC or Laptop.
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  • Do not link to any content that is disturbing, shocking, or illegal.
  • Discussing or engaging in any illegal activities is forbidden.
  • Please do not spam or flood the chat room. Doing so will result in temporary or permanent bans.
  • Do not harass users or be offensive to others. This includes acts of racism and bullying.
  • Keep the personal and private information of yourself and others a secret. This includes and is not limited to information like phone numbers, addresses, full names, and more serious information such as social security numbers.
  • Do not attempt to hack, exploit or tamper with the chat rooms or website in any way. This includes disabling or denying service to hehechat.org or our chat rooms. We take this matter very seriously, and in addition being permanently banned, violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the United States federal law.
  • Do not impersonate moderators, admins, Hehechat staff, or other members. Impersonating other members is an act of harassment and is a bannable offense.
  • How do I make an account?
    Go to our Registration page, select a username and fill in the other necessary information, then click "Complete Registration". After completion, you'll reserve the username you selected indefinitely and be able to login to our chat rooms on it.
  • How can I retrieve my password if I forgot it?
    Go to our Forgot My Password page and enter the email you selected when you created your account. After doing so, we will send you an email that contains a temporary URL authentication key for our Password Reset page. You can then enter the email you used and set a new password to login to your account with.
  • How do I change my password?
    Login to our User Panel and change it.
  • How do I change my profile picture?
    You can select a profile picture in the User Panel.
  • How do I share images in the chat room?
    We prefer people use Imgur to upload and share images. It's a widely known, easy-to-use, and trustworthy image hosting website. After uploading your picture, paste the image link in the chat for others to click on and view.
  • How can I identify who the moderators are?
    Moderators can be identified by their bold names in the user list, the grey background behind their chat messages, and they may be using a moderator-only cop avatar.
  • Can I suggest a smiley to be added to the chat room?
    You sure can! You can either suggest a smiley or make one yourself. Send in your suggestion or addition through our contact page, and we'll determine if we're going to add it to the chat room or not. Use Imgur to upload and and share the image link with us if you have created your own.